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I have fallen 
04:53pm 27/06/2004
  Yes, I have committed a grave sin. The cardinal rule for a full member of the people haters, is that you cannot be in a romantic relationship. That implies you see more good in some one than bad doesn't it. Indeed, to do so implies one has blinded themselves to inadequacy with a white-hot steel pipe. I have committed this sin. There for, I shed myself from the title of "full member" and join you, pathetic-weakling members.
By default, I will remain moderator. Yea, screw you too. I make the rules here scum sucker! However, when moon_whisper ends her pathetic movie of a relationship, I will relinquish control to her. Then it will truly be a matriarchy. So, don't count on waiting very long for that to happen every body!! HA! Awwww, did I huwt somebodies feewings? poow Steven, doesn't know he isn't luved. boooo hoooo
*snort* tee hee
I'm bAaack 
10:54pm 27/05/2004
mood: drained
How's it going? Bad? Should be. If it isn't, you're either on to many pills or not paying attention. And ya know what? It's all your fault. You're the one letting your life take off without you. You're the one in meaningless relationships with friends and family. You know why it isn't getting better? Because you suck!
Get used to it! Because this is as good as it gets. There is no silver lining. You never get to settle down and watch all your dreams come true.
"This is your life, and it's ending one moment at a time."
If you don't feel like crap yet, read it again. And realize it's true.
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02:52am 18/05/2004
mood: Blavghalawalgghmlawrn! wglajm!
Wow! It's been a VEEERY long while since anyone has posted in here.

I just wanted to post this link, because it is sooooo funny, and it is RIPE with fuel for the soul of a true people-hater.

Yeah, it starts out funny, but just wait until you get to the part where some jerk, when confronted for posting porno links on a message board for a children's movie, starts saying "Fuck the children," because he used to have a kid but lost him/her and is therefore not required to care about anyone else's child.

And as for the above-mentioned porno links - something to the effect of big tits.com. Well, I'm here to say, "To Hell with that shit!" It's not "normal" (or attractive imo) for a girl that skinny to have breasts that big, and as such, I am *sick* of being held to those standards, sick of being told that I'm lacking because I wear an A cup, sick of America's "bigger is better" obsession, our "quantity over quality" bullshit. And I'm not gonna take it anyomre!! Small-breasted women unite! Women-in-general unite!! Fuck men!! Let's do it for oursleves! Yeah, that's right - I'm talking about a lesbian rebellion - and we won't let them watch! Who's with me? I've even got my first lesbian crush picked out: Elle Driver from "Kill Bill." She's hot! Agree? Let's talk - unless you're a man, in which case you can go fuck yourself...bitch!!!
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Rich people scare me. 
05:44pm 07/04/2004
mood: confused
What the hell is wrong with Scottsdale?? You'd think the way they keep every thing it would be nice and clean every where right?? Well, the bathroom in the office where I die every day is just gross! And not because they don't clean it. They clean it every day! But there is always a puddle of urine right under the urinal. Ya know why? Because people are freaks. I've seen it twice. Once, I was in there and this old guy stands a foot from the urinal and just pisses on the ground. Another time, a younger guy goes up and sprays every where like he's watering the lawn. And they both did it on purpose!! Ya know what's worse? There have been four times I've gone in and seen cum on something. Once on the floor, once on the back of the toilet, once in the urinal, and once on the damn seat!! Bunch of corporate sick-O's. Today, I went in, and the guy at the urinal was whacking off!! He was at least being descrete, but I could tell, that and he stopped when I came in, then it took him three minutes to put it away.
What The Hell.
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I have come to a conclusion...... 
01:12pm 25/03/2004
mood: productive
After indirectly posting in this community for a while I've decided that we totally rock even though we're all fuck-heads. So I make this proposal to you:

I fellow member of the Human_Haters Society hereby propose we find a proper
A.) Logo
B.) Theme Song
C.) Salute
I'd like everyone's opinions and ideas on this one. This would be a big step for our group therefore I want us all to think HARD about this. Also, everyone's two cents are welcome and hopefully, if you comply by the end of the year I'll be rich.


Ehehehehehehehe....I said HARD
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11:41am 22/03/2004
mood: drained
Ya know who really sucks? That fat fuck and his buddies at the movie last night. We're waiting in line, I couldn't even tell who was in line and who was just dicking around like a bunch of sophomores. And this bastard keeps cutting into the line to tell his friend to buy two more tickets... no wait don't! Yea, buy them...
You get the idea. I sorta wished I saw him in the parking lot after-wards. But it would have been rude to every one if I had just started bashing his head into the seat in front of him during the movie. Plus he wouldn't understand why I was upset. Kind of like a puppy, i you don't punish them right a way, they don't get it. He, and his friends, were pissing me off in the movie too by yelling at the screen. A little note for people who do that, they can't hear you, your just trying to be funny and coming off like a re-re.

*Comming soon* : "the List"

"Men are such cock suckers aren't they?" - Jack Nicholson
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My first people-bashing rant - yay! 
05:51pm 19/03/2004
mood: pissed off
You know, I hate men. I really do. But I hate women even more. Why? Because they insist on being skanky-ass whores. This morning, while I was walking into work, I saw this woman wearing a denim mini-skirt so short that every step she took revealed the bottom half of her ass cheeks. Now, I ask you this: WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!!! HAVE THEY NO FUCKING SENSE OF DECENCY??!!!! I wanted to walk up to her and say, "Hey, how are ya? Did you know that you're a sleazy-ass bitch? Yeah, you should stop that. Thanks." Why can't women just stop demeaning themselves and their bodies and stop being sluts just to please men, who are assholes anyway and not worth that sort bullshit?

God, I hate people.
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11:03am 19/03/2004
mood: annoyed

If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.

Add a fortune to your website or
blog, click

I think this is true in away.
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What the hell are you doing here??!! 
06:00pm 18/03/2004
mood: pissed off
Welcome all you zombies and wife-beaters, whores and addicts. Welcome to the People Haters club. I am the moderator. You are here because you find every human you meet so tragically flawed you can’t stand a one of them.
Here, we don’t paint in pretty colors. Not even black. That’s for all you gothic, EMO, “woe is me” cry babies who see their suburban american lives as the pit of hell. I don’t care what you find offensive. You should be offended. You should look into that mirror and want to vomit! I dare you to find a person out there that doesn’t deserve a claw-hammer to the back of the head. WHY HAVN’T YOU SHOT YOURSELF IN THE FACE YET??!! I’ll tell you why, you’re not paying attention.
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